Colloidal Silver and the Bob Beck Protocol

The Bob Beck Protocol

The Bob Beck Protocol is a four-part system that is designed to maximize your immune system and health. Each of the four parts can be used individually to great benefit, and the four together have tremendous potential for your body.

The four parts of the Protocol are:

  • Blood Electrification
  • Magnetic Pulsar
  • Ozonator
  • Colloidal Silver.

Who is Bob Beck

Dr Bob Beck (1925-2002) was an American physicist.  He did a huge amount of work with electronics – inventing, tinkering, modifying and improving. One of his best known inventions is the low voltage camera flash that uses a xenon gas tube.

It was after he retired that Beck invented his protocol, apparently inspired after hearing of 2 scientists that had accidently found a way to neutralize the AIDS virus by electrifying the blood.[1] After further research, Beck developed his own theories and methods of harnessing electricity for better health.

Beck is credited as being the first person to figure out how to use 9-volt batteries to create a colloidal silver generator. Although these generators are now often referred to as “mud makers” (the quality of colloidal silver they produce is far inferior to what many other generators produce), Beck introduced a health revolution and encouraged further development of products to ensure that the best quality products were available to those wishing to take their health back into their own hands.

Blood Electrifier

Electricity has been proven to have many pros and cons when it comes to health. Differences in current, exposure, and application all have wildly different results on your body. It has, however, been shown that mild electrification actually neutralizes bacteria, and many other germs, viruses, and parasites.

According to the Beck Protocol, electrifying your blood will boost your health because it kills any harmful bacteria or what-have-you circulating in your blood stream.[2]

Blood electrification is done simply without ever breaking the skin. If you have two electrodes attached to one wrist, a small current of 100 microamperes is actually introduced into your blood stream. All you need to do is keep the apparatus attached to your body for a couple of hours to reap its benefits and reward you with better health.

If you want to learn more about electricity and your health, The Body Electric by Robert Becker (not to be confused with Bob Beck) is an incredible source for learning about the natural ways electricity occurs in our body to promote healing, and how it can also be applied manually to the same effects.

Magnetic Pulsar

The magnetic pulsar works along similar lines as the blood electrifier. Instead of sending an electrical current through your blood stream, however, the magnetic pulsar generates currents in the lymph nodes and tissues.

The microcurrents created by the magnetic pulsar work the same way that micro electrical currents work: to neutralize bacteria, viruses, germs, pathogens, and a whole smorgasbord of ills.


It could be very easy to go off onto a whole other webpage about the benefits of ozonation, but we’ll try to stick to how ozone works within the Beck Protocol.

Ozone, 03, has been show to have excellent benefits for health. By drinking ozonated water, you increase the amount of oxygen in your blood stream, which will flush out toxins significantly quicker than other methods (or obviously, than not doing anything at all).[3]

Ozone is an excellent (albeit controversial) way to cure many problems both internally and externally. Not many pathogens, or bacteria, or viruses can survive in an atmosphere saturated with ozone and consequently die off.

The most important thing, though, is how ozone increases the die-off of toxins in your body, keeping the bad stuff out, and the good stuff in. By drinking ozonated water, you’re effectively killing 2 birds with one stone: decreasing the number of toxins in your body, and flushing them out of your system faster.

Colloidal Silver

Bob Beck was tuned into colloidal silver because he knew that silver was used before the rise of antibiotics for its effectiveness against bacteria. He also knew that positively charged silver ions were remarkably effective in killing bacteria. He saw it as a natural complement to the other 3 parts of his protocol because of its antibacterial properties and potential for wide spread application.

As you know, Beck is credited for inventing the first battery powered colloidal silver generator. Many of the people who talk about using Beck Protocol also mention that they will use colloidal silver independently of the other 3 components and still feel noticeably healthier as a result.


Blood electrification, magnetic pulsing, ozone, and colloidal silver comprise the four parts of the Bob Beck protocol. They can be used independently or together to increase your immunity and boost your health. All four of the components are valued for their non-intrusive means of killing harmful bacteria, viruses, pathogens, germs, etc.

Where to go to Learn More

The Body Electric, by Robert Becker

Cross Currents, by Robert Becker

Dirty Electricity, by Samuel Milham


This information has not been evaluated by any official agency. The content of this website is intended for information only and is not intended to be used as medical advice. For medical advice, please consult a medical professional.

We are not doctors and are not prescribing colloidal silver to you for any use. Please consult a medical professional before consuming colloidal silver, or to find out what dose or ppm solution is right for you.

The author and publisher of this information disclaims responsibility or liability for any hardship or loss that may be incurred as a result of the use or application of this information.

Information that is referenced is believed to be from reliable sources, but no guarantee can be made regarding the accuracy of sources.


Beck, Bob. The First Aid Kit of the Future: The Bob Beck Protocol. Revised Ed. 2008

Sharing Health from the Heart <>.


[2] Bob Beck, Robert Becker, William Lynman and Steven Kaali have all studied the effects of electricity on health with many positive results.

[3] Bob Beck Protocol Manual 45.


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