Colloidal Silver Bibliography

Colloidal Silver Bibliography

Here’s a quick list of some of the books that we found useful in compiling the information on this blog.

Websites have not been included as web addresses can (and often do) change. The vast bulk of the information for this webpage was found in these books and any referenced material is also found in this list.


Australian Government National Health and Medical Research Group, Natural Resource Management Ministerial Council. National Water Quality Management Strategy: Australian Drinking Water Guidelines 6. 2004

  • This is quite a comprehensive report that covers nearly everything to do with drinking water quality.  It does contain some information on silver in drinking water. This report is very easy to find and download online.

Baranowski, Zane. Colloidal Silver: The Natural Antibiotic Alternative. Healing Wisdom Publications, 1995.

  • This is a little booklet with some good basic information. It gives the history, side effects, how to make a colloidal silver generator, and also suggests ppm and dosages.  It is a nice, small guide that covers the basics.

Barwick, Steve. The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual: Introducing the Powerful Natural Antibiotic They Want to Take Away from You. Life and Health Research Group, 2009.

  • This is a giant book that is quite informative. It is probably one of the better one-stop reference books.  Barwick covers all of the usual bases (uses, history, production, FDA, side effects) and gives a bit more information on how colloidal silver works, particles vs. ions, and lots of references.

Briggs, William E. Silver Colloid: The True Picture.  1990.

  • This book defines colloids, talks about historical uses of silver, how to use it and the risk of Argyria, how colloidal silver works, and how to make your own colloidal silver.  It also talks also about the FDA and regulation although some of this information is out of date.

Coburn, Dhyana & Patrick Dignan. The Wonders of Colloidal Silver: Nature’s Super Antibiotic. 1997.

  • This is a pamphlet that gives an overview of colloidal silver, uses, and other mineral colloidal solutions.  It is a little bit outdated but talks about side effects, gives dosages and treatment advice.  It also talks about the FDA and how to make colloidal silver, various uses and products and also talks about gold and copper colloid solutions.

Disturbances of Human Pigmentation: Argyria, Vitiligo, Arsenic Poisoning, Hfe Hereditary Hemochromatosis, Bronze Diabetes, Lead Poisoning. Books LLC, 2010.

  • This book contains a small chapter on Argyria, but doesn’t actually say too much about it, or about chelating silver.  It gives a few case studies that do not positively reflect colloidal silver and has lots of references.

Ede, Andrew. The Rise and Decline of Colloid Science in North America, 1900-1935: The Neglected Dimension. Ashgate, 2007.

  • This is an interesting book about the history of colloid science but not really applicable to colloidal silver. Ede covers the early history of colloid science, its popularity at the height of its prominence, and where colloid science stands today.

Flick, Bart. Therapeutic Silver Bibliography. 2001.

  • There are 183 references listed in this bibliography but no annotations are given. Entries are in a simple, uncategorized list.  This is 10 years old so may not be relevant

Fonder, Margaret A, Gerald S Lazarus et al. “Treating the Chronic Wound: A Practical Approach to the Care of Nonhealing Wounds and Wound Care Dressings.” Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, 2008.

  • This is an article that primarily focuses on what to do for nonhealing wounds, but it contains a table of a selection of antimicrobial dressings where 7 of the 8 products in the table contain silver of some form.

Gibbs, Ronald J. Silver Colloids: Do They Work? 1999.

  • This short book is easily found online as a PDF and is a brief overview of making and using colloidal silver. It has good information about particle sizes, ppm and dosages recommendations, and how to test colloidal silver.  A lot of the information is still relevant despite being more than 10 years old.

Hill, John. Colloidal Silver: Medical Uses, Toxicology & Manufacture. 3rd ed. Clear Springs Press, 2009.

  • This is a reasonably informative book. It has a good overview of information, defines many terms, gives history of silver usage and defines colloidal science.  Gives a number of applications for colloidal silver, how it works, and dosage guidelines.  It also includes a chapter on Argyria and the FDA and has a reasonably sized list of references at the back.

Jefferson, Warren. Colloidal Silver Today: The All-Natural Wide-Spectrum Germ Killer. Healthy Living Publications, 2003.

  • This is a bit of an overview of colloidal silver, plus tips on how to make it.  Jefferson talks about silver historically, its uses, and also about clinical and non-clinical uses. He talks a little bit about drug resistant microbes, gives directions for making colloidal silver at home and recommends dosages. There is also a chapter on the FDA and its regulations.

Lansdown, Alan B. Silver in Healthcare: Its Antimicrobial Efficacy and Safety in Use. RCS Publishing, 2010.

  • This book is critical of colloidal silver but provides a lot of information on the benefits of silver. It is a very interesting book with lots of information on the medical uses of silver, silver excretion, and where it tends to build up in the body.  Overall, it is positive about using silver in medical related fields but is critical of colloidal silver consumption and production.

Metcalf, Mark. Colloidal Silver: Making the Safest and Most Powerful Medicine on Earth for the Price of Water. Silver Protects, 2001.

  • This author is often referenced by other writers.  Good general information, and some good info on chelation and gives a lot of other uses for colloidal silver.  Metcalf talks about the three nine-volt battery generators, other colloidal minerals, and the FDA.

Parker, James N & Philip Parker, Eds. Colloidal Silver: A 3-in1 Medical Reference. ICON Group International, 2003.

  • This is an annotated bibliography to a number of websites and articles. It is a huge resource for colloidal silver books and websites. It is a bit out of date now (not all articles and websites are still available) but covers a huge amount of ground and gives good information on what the book/article/site covers.

Peterson, Marc. Colloidal Silver Production Guide. 2nd edition. 2009.

  • This is a book that focuses mainly on how to make colloidal silver. It is quite a technical manual with information on various different ways to make colloid solutions – like HVAC and LVAC. Peterson also talks about a variety of different mineral colloid solutions. It has a chapter on Argyria and other general information.

Peterson, Marc. Alternative Colloidal Production Health Guide. 2009.

  • This book is more focused on production methods, and a bit more of an overview on what colloidal silver does and how it works. It is similar to his other book but more general in its approach. He talks more about colloidal silver specifically and also talks about regulations and different generator kits that you can buy. He gives some recommendations on ppm and dosage.

Silverseed, Johnny.  Colloidal Silver: Antibiotic Superhero. Mad as Hell Press, 1999.

  • This is a brief overview of colloidal silver – early and recent history, colloid history. It covers general use, and also recommends many other uses enthusiastically. The book shows you how to make your own colloidal silver generator, and also talks about FDA regulations and guidelines.

United States Environmental Protection Agency Office of Water Health Advisories. Health Advisories for Drinking Water Contaminants. Lewis, 1993.

  • This book has a chapter on silver and where it is naturally found in environments and drinking water.  It discusses safe levels for silver in the body, and talks about ways in which silver can be ingested (accidentally or otherwise) and also discuses the side effects of silver. It gives the formula for determining the maximum daily safe consumption of silver that you can ingest without developing Argyria. It also discusses where/how silver is excreted. The book has lots of references. It is good for general info but not specific to colloidal silver or Argyria.

Articles on Argyria

Here are a few articles that specifically address Argyria if you’re interested in learning more about its effects and what studies have shown about it.

Aaseth, J, J Halse, et al. “Chelation of Silver in Argyria.”

  • This is a short report that covers a few basic treatments for Argryia – including selenium – and concludes that none show significant improvement of the condition.

Brandt, Douglas, Betty Park, et al. “Argyria secondary to ingestion of homemade silver solution.” Journal of the American Academy of Dermatoloy, August 2005.

  • This is a 3-page article that is mainly a case study and report on a patient who developed Argyria after drinking nearly 3 litres of an unspecified ppm solution for several days.

Bu Kwon Hyok, Joon Ho Lee, et al. “A Case of Argyria Following Colloidal Silver Ingestion.” Ann Dermatol, February 2009.

  • This is a case report of a man who developed Argyria after 5 years of colloidal silver use (no information given on the dosages).  It has a lot of general information on the nature of Argyria.

Fisher, Nina Myerson, Elizabeth Marsh, et al. “Scar-localized Argyria secondary to silver sulfadiazine cream.” Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, 2003.

  • This is a basic report on a patient who developed localized Argyria following the treatment of wound where silver sulfadiaine cream had been applied.

Rhee, Do-Young, Sung-Eun Chang, et al. “Treatment of Argyria after Colloidal Silver Ingestion Using Q-Switched 1,064-nm Nd:YAG Laser.” American Society for Dermatologic Surgery Inc, 2008.

  • This is a report of a Korean woman who was treated for Argyria with a Q-switched 1,064-nm Nd:YAG laser and showed striking improvement, but concludes by saying that further trials of this treatment are necessary.

Robinson-Boston, Leslie, David Pomeranz, et al. “Localized Argyria with pseudo-ochronosis.” Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, 2001.

  • This is a short report on a couple of specific cases where localized Argyria displayed similar markings to melanoma, but was then revealed simply to be Argyria.

Rodgers, John H, P.L. Rogers et al. “Silver Toxicity: Fact and Fiction.”

  • This paper, organized around 10 “myths” of silver debunks several general statements about silver and its toxicity, but most of them have to do with the environment, rather than with colloidal silver.

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