Colloidal Silver Regulation

Colloidal Silver Regulation

As you progress through your colloidal silver research, you’re probably learning a whole lot about colloidal silver regulation, the battle to keep it legal, and the politics between government, pharmaceutical companies, and natural health enthusiasts. It’s thin ground.

One of the main objections that potential colloidal silver users have is the status of colloidal silver and the regulations around it.

Because of all the legalese, and also because we have not personally been involved in any of these battles, we are just going to provide an overview of the regulations concerning colloidal silver.

The regulations do not affect colloidal silver production or its sale, but they do affect the marketing of colloidal silver and what vendors and producers are allowed to say about their product.

Nearly every government regulatory body does not consider colloidal silver to have any nutritional or health benefits for humans. The reasons behind this essentially comes down to money and the power that large pharmaceutical companies exert on governments and professionals in the medical field.

Despite its many proven benefits, colloidal silver manufacturers and vendors are not allowed promote colloidal silver for its medical properties without jumping through years of bureaucratic hoops, completing endless piles of paperwork, and spending hundreds of millions of dollars on tests in order to get colloidal silver officially approved for human consumption. [1]

Colloidal Silver Regulations around the World

Although regulations for colloidal silver vary across different continents, in Australia, North America, and Europe regulatory bodies generally frown upon colloidal silver. In early 2010, colloidal silver was actually banned in Europe.[2]

Likewise, the sale of colloidal silver has been banned in Australia if the manufacturer or vendor makes health claims for colloidal silver. You can, however, legally purchase colloidal silver in Australia if it is sold as a water disinfectant, its consumption is not encouraged, and no other claims are made about its efficacy. [3]

In the United States, the FDA tried to ban colloidal silver products in the late 1990s, but was unable to. Similar to Australia, colloidal silver was labeled as ineffective by the FDA and manufacturers or vend0rs are not allowed to promote colloidal silver as a product that has medicinal benefits unless they wish to pay millions of dollars required by the FDA for testing to prove its health benefits.

Canada follows similar legislation to the United Sates and Australia: no claims may be made about colloidal silver, and its consumption is not encouraged.

Vendors or manufacturers openly promoting colloidal silver are subject to harsh penalties. Therefore, it is up to the consumer to self-educate him or herself on the benefits of colloidal silver, and how to use it safely and properly.

It is unlikely that any governing body will ever approve colloidal silver. The pharmaceutical companies have too much power, and if people can make their own generators from batteries, there really isn’t much money to be made from colloidal silver compared with expensive prescription drugs. If the ban in Europe is any indication, it will become increasingly difficult to find any support for colloidal silver.

However, the sheer number of personal testimonies about the efficacy of colloidal silver, and the long history of medical use of silver are enough to reassure me that colloidal silver is a safe and effective alternative treatment.

Where to Go for More Information

If you’re looking for more information on the regulation of colloidal silver there are plenty of resources available.

For an account of a manufacturer’s struggle with regulation, go to

Websites and blogs like Colloidal Silver Secrets also contain a lot of background information and current regulations on colloidal silver around the world.

A simple Internet search for “colloidal silver regulation” also brings up many websites that shed light on the controversial rulings around colloidal silver regulation, and the ongoing struggle that manufacturers, vendors, and even consumers face.


Colloidal silver use is discouraged by nearly every official government agency, and that is unlikely to change. You can still buy colloidal silver solutions and generators, but manufacturers and vendors are not permitted to make any claims about its effectiveness and how it benefits your health.


This information has not been evaluated by any official agency. The content of this website is intended for information only and is not intended to be used as medical advice. For medical advice, please consult a medical professional.

We are not doctors and are not prescribing colloidal silver to you for any use. Please consult a medical professional before consuming colloidal silver, or to find out what dose or ppm solution is right for you.

The author and publisher of this information disclaims responsibility or liability for any hardship or loss that may be incurred as a result of the use or application of this information.

Information that is referenced is believed to be from reliable sources, but no guarantee can be made regarding the accuracy of sources.


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[1] Mark Metcalf is one colloidal silver researcher who has had extensive experience and struggles with the FDA. You can read about his fight for colloidal silver in his book, Colloidal Silver: Making the Safest and Most Powerful Medicine on Earth for the Price of Water.

[2] has a couple of archived posts on the European ban of colloidal silver.

[3] The official statement from the Government of Australia on colloidal silver products can be found at


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