Health Benefits of Colloidal Silver

Health Benefits of Colloidal Silver

The benefits of colloidal silver are countless. First, we’ll explain how it works and then walk you through some of the specific applications and how you can use it.

How Does Colloidal Silver Work

Before starting the fairly lengthy list of ways in which colloidal silver benefits you, and the many more ways to use it, it is probably wise to first explain how colloidal silver works.

In an unpublished but often referenced study, David Revelli and Dr Ron Leavitt, both of Brigham Young University, extensively tested colloidal silver in 1999 against a wide assortment of bacteria. Colloidal silver was shown to kill more than 600 different bacteria in less than 6 minutes.[1]

While the full results of the study were never published, some of the results were released publicly and many colloidal silver publications reference this study. Other small labs have also tested colloidal silver against specific strains of bacteria with success although none have been as extensive as the 1999 Revelli-Leavitt study.

What the study demonstrated was that, in essence, the silver suffocates the bacteria.[2] It cuts off the oxygen supply to the germs so that it can no longer reproduce or flourish. Silver has been repeatedly proven to be incredibly effective.

Why You Might Want to Use Colloidal Silver

If you’re interested in general health, if you like exploring natural health alternatives, if you’re suspicious of the big pharmaceutical companies, or if you just want to take the best care of yourself that you can to keep healthy then you should definitely consider using colloidal silver.

It is easy to make and has countless advantages. If you do any in-depth research on colloidal silver, you will find hundreds of incredible testimonials where people passionately speak about how colloidal silver dramatically improved their health from the common cold, to chronic fatigue, and cancer. *

Whether you choose to drink your colloidal silver, apply it topically, or just use it around the house there are countless ways in which you will benefit from this product.

It is easy to use, easy to make, and when you make it yourself you always know what you’re getting. It’s safe and inexpensive and, perhaps best of all, you can use it without large pharmaceuticals controlling it.

*We do not have testimonials on our site because we are still working on collecting testimonials from colloidal silver users. If you are currently a colloidal silver user and are interested in talking about how you use it, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

How Colloidal Silver Benefits You from the Inside Out

When you drink colloidal silver, as you already know, the silver particles easily pass through the membranes in your digestive system and are absorbed into the blood stream and circulated throughout your body.

As soon as the colloidal silver enters your mouth it goes to work. It helps to kill odor and plaque causing bacteria in your mouth, keeping your breath fresh and teeth clean.  You do not even need to swallow colloidal silver for it to start positively benefitting you.[3]

Once the colloidal silver gets further along in your body, the benefits continue. If you’re fighting any sort of illness, colloidal silver helps to kill off the infection and heal you quicker.

Whether you have a cold, the flu, or something more serious like pneumonia or another respiratory infection, many people have found colloidal silver to be many times more effective than antibiotics. Strep throat is one infection that colloidal silver has been repeatedly shown to help cure – both in a lab setting and through individual use.[4] Chronic fatigue syndrome is another illness where people have claimed that colloidal silver was the only effective treatment for the disease.[5]

Drinking is not the only way to get colloidal silver into your bloodstream and circulating through your body. People will also nebulize colloidal silver and report that it is remarkably effective when treating respiratory infections.[6]

While there are no tests that have proved this, some individuals have reported an improvement in their mental health as well from using colloidal silver.[7] People have said that they feel happier and less depressed once they started using colloidal silver regularly.

Many people use colloidal silver only when they’re sick or fighting off a bug. There are perhaps even more people who take a small amount daily to keep their immune system topped up, so to speak. Regardless if you use colloidal silver every day or just when you feel something coming on, you’ll surely notice its benefits in a decreased healing time for nearly all bacteria based illnesses. Marc Peterson says, “Using colloidal therapy as a supplement to support your immune system along with other properly prescribed methods is a great start in the right direction to becoming healthier and happier.”[8]

How Colloidal Silver Benefits You If You Use It Topically[9]

You’re not alone if you’re not sure you actually want to put silver into your body, especially if you’ve done some research and come across all of the pictures of people with Argyria. And that’s okay. You do not have to drink colloidal silver to benefit from it.

As you know, silver is used topically for a vast array of medical uses in hospitals and other clinical settings. You can use colloidal silver externally to help alleviate or cure many different problems.

You can apply colloidal silver to burns, cuts, and scrapes on your skin. It will help to keep the skin disinfected and speed up healing time.

Colloidal silver is commonly used externally for skin irritations, such as itchiness, eye and ear infections. You can also use it on warts, or on nail fungi. Athlete’s foot is a very common bacterial infection that is quickly cured by colloidal silver. Many report that colloidal silver is also excellent treatment for Candida yeast infections.[10]

Washing with colloidal silver can help keep your skin in great condition. Some people even use it when washing their hair to control dandruff, or use it as a face wash to control acne.

Of course, you cannot expect colloidal silver to be immediately effective. Some infections, particularly nail fungi, can take a few weeks of sustained treatment to cure, but many people find colloidal silver to be significantly more effective than expensive antibiotics.[11]

How Colloidal Silver Benefits You around the House[12]

Colloidal silver can also be used around the home to keep things clean. You can add it to your laundry, or soak stuff like dentures in it to make sure things are getting as clean as possible.  A lot of people use it to clean the bathroom: it disinfects and doesn’t leave any harsh odors in the air.

You can also use it to water or spray your plants if you’re having troubles with mites or fungus.

Some people feed it to their pets and have noticed an improvement in the health of their animals.

A number of people use it to disinfect water – sometimes when they’re camping, but also to treat stuff like spa pools.

You can also use colloidal silver to help with food preservation – spraying the bottles beforehand with it to keep them sterile. Cleaning your food with colloidal silver is also another way to ensure that what you’re eating is safe from any potential bacteria it may have picked up on the way from the farm to your kitchen.

When you use colloidal silver around the home you can safely use a higher ppm solution than what you would consume orally, or even than what you would use topically.

Dosages, PPMs

You will find that many different people will recommend many different dosages of colloidal silver.

We are not doctors and we do not make prescriptions. What we do recommend though, is using as little as possible, and to use a low ppm (parts per million) solution.

If you’re fighting off a cold, you may want to consume more (perhaps up to 2 cups per day) of 3-5 ppm solution. If you’re using it daily, you really don’t need more than a tablespoon of 3-5 ppm solution.

Ultimately, you will decide how much works for you. We choose to air on the side of caution and moderation although there are people out there who admit to drinking cups upon cups of higher ppm colloidal silver regularly without any side effects.

You will also decide how often to use colloidal silver, whether you only use it when you’re sick, or if you want to use a little bit daily as a means of prevention.

Either way, it is best to be safe and reduce the risk of potential side effects as much as possible. If you don’t drink massive quantities and use a low ppm solution, your risks are essentially non-existent.[13]


So. To quickly summarize, colloidal silver works by suffocating harmful bacteria.

You can use it in a multitude of ways – orally, topically, or just around the home to take advantage of its tremendous health benefits.

It is always best to be careful and not use too much, especially if you’re just starting to use it for the first time, and a lower ppm solution is safer and just as effective as a high ppm solution for most uses.


This information has not been evaluated by any official agency. The content of this website is intended for information only and is not intended to be used as medical advice. For medical advice, please consult a medical professional.

We are not doctors and are not prescribing colloidal silver to you for any use. Please consult a medical professional before consuming colloidal silver, or to find out what dose or ppm solution is right for you.

The author and publisher of this information disclaims responsibility or liability for any hardship or loss that may be incurred as a result of the use or application of this information.

Information that is referenced is believed to be from reliable sources, but no guarantee can be made regarding the accuracy of sources.


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